My Fellow Compatriots,

As you are aware, our beloved country is facing a multitude of problems, and that combined with the dangerous wave of extremism and terrorism, and poor economic performance of the government has pushed Pakistan into further problems. The situation in Balochistan and the uneasiness of the smaller provinces over the behaviour of the federal government has generated more need for a federal party to take the reigns of our homeland, than ever. As you know, the Pakistan Peoples Party is the only truly federal party in Pakistan. It has remained the voice of the masses and has always striven for a democratic and progressive Pakistan. Our struggles, sacrifices, and achievements of the last 50 years are evidence of our deep rooted commitment to the people.

The workers of Pakistan Peoples Party have always been its pillars - ever ready to sacrifice self for Party. Our workers and supporters extend from the smallest villages to the largest cities. As the Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party it is incumbent upon me to remobilise our workers, members and supporters across Pakistan. For this I have launched a country-wide membership campaign.

This membership campaign is being conducted across different mediums for the convenience of all membership aspirants, and to reach out to all our current party workers, members and supporters. The aim of the membership drive is to mobilize and engage members, and to establish direct communication with them and document their record with the party.

I am confident that you will embrace this initiative whole heartedly and actively take part in this campaign. I firmly believe that together, we can put Pakistan back on the road to peace, progress and prosperity.

Your services and dedication to the Party and its cause, and your love for our beloved country, remain an inspiration.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari